Our work with middle school and high school students goes by the name of “Imprint Student Ministries” and its goal is exactly what the name implies. We’re seeking to make an imprint on the lives of these students (Grades 6-12) through a well-balanced and busy schedule of programs and ministries.

The leadership of our student ministry is composed of trained, caring adults who have a passion and love for teenagers. It is our desire to disciple students to have a Christian worldview, to equip and empower them to integrate their faith in daily activities, and for them each to make an imprint on the world for the cause of Christ.

Making the Difference

The way we make an “imprint” on students? We use a carefully structured, weekly ministry to help students …

  • See themselves the way God does;
  • Learn to have a daily walk with Christ;
  • Exercise wisdom in choosing friends;
  • Serve others who are in need;
  • Use their God-given talents to bring glory to God
  • Grow in leadership;
  • To see the world from God’s perspective
  • And to have fun all along the way

Every week

INFUSE is the Sunday Morning Bible Study (9-10:20 a.m. in the Christian Life Center) where small groups interact with their leaders to learn how to apply God’s Word to their lives. The fellowship is fun, the Bible study is life-changing. Most small groups are gender and grade separated, though our high school seniors have a coed class.

IMPRINT is – for many of our students – the highlight of the week. Held on Wednesdays (6:30 - 8 p.m. in the CLC), this is a youth-led, students-focused time of worship. For students, it’s a time to hang out, to enjoy fellowship with friends and to grow in the Lord through the worship and Bible study experience.  A student-led praise band leads the music, our youth pastor leads the Bible study, and adults break down the night in small-group sessions after the Bible study. Other things you’re likely to see at IMPRINT? Videos, games, drama, give-a-ways, food, and awesome fellowship.  

The Student Building
Our $2.4 million Christian Life Center (CLC) was designed and built for students. It offers a snack bar, a state-of- the-art auditorium, gym, billiards, ping pong, foosball and more. It’s the perfect place for students to come and hang out, play, worship, learn, grow, and have fun!

And there’s more …

YAK-N-SNAKS  FAST FOOD FRENZY. Be alert. It’s not uncommon to see students in some great

Sunday Night Fellowships either at the church, in homes, or anywhere at all. And if there’s a holiday, count on it. There will be something going on!

What We're Learning

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